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Ski The is the gateway to over 100 video episodes, audio dispatches, a photo gallery and expedition chronicles. Join adventures led by Ben Clark and his partners to the worlds highest and remote mountain experiences. Armchair mountaineers, skiers and climbers will find trekking, mountaineering, alpine climbing, ice climbing and backcountry skiing at the links below.

Ben Clark’s Baruntse 2009 Expedition interview on CNN


The Rest of Everest Video Podcast: An Almost Unabridged Expedition Experience.  The one that started it all. Go back to episode 000 and start from there.


For the entire expedition and much, much more, please visit

Beyond Everest: Annapurna IV, a series about a first ski descent of a technical Himalayan climb. Includes trekking along the popular Annapurna Circuit.


Exploratory expedition to unclimbed peaks in Sichuan China. Trekking and climbing in the slowly developing Changping Goa Valley.



San Juan Mountains backcountry ski touring and ice climbing on Bridal Veil Falls in southwestern Colorado.



Event coverage for PLUM TV in Telluride, Colorado.