Past Expeditions

Video episodes and text dispatches from around the world since 2002.

The wild mountains of Mustang

An unabridged Everest Expedition, our favorite, the one that started it all. Go back to episode 000 and start from there

The Rest of Everest series

For the entire expedition and a return through Lhasa Tibet in 2007

Annapurna IV, a series about a first ski descent of a technical Himalayan climb. Includes trekking along the popular Annapurna Circuit

An overview of Annpaurna IV series:


The beginning of the Annapurna IV series:

Annapurna IV Series beginning

Text dispatches, still photos and more video from Annapurna IV

Annapurna IV dispatches from the mountain, 2008

Exploratory expedition to unclimbed peaks in Sichuan China. Trekking and climbing in the slowly developing Changping Goa Valley