Ben Clark

Ben Clark is a person on the hunt for adventure and the complexities of it’s process.  Somehow the gut of his mind can’t be satiated and like his small dog, it has an enormous capacity for indulgence.  Of course, it is hard to achieve balance when you are only connected to earth through cold metal edges, sticky rubber or inches of snow.  ”When I wake up next to my wife I know I’m home” he says, “otherwise somewhere in the world I am on my feet searching for something.”  Clark enjoys the earth and while on it, tries to document every moment he can.

In recent years, Ben has racked up vertical miles by climbing to the roof of the world, 29,035′ Mount Everest’s summit at 23 and then established first ascents on rock, ice, alpine and at extreme altitude while carving first descents on 7000 meter peaks in the Himalayas.  But climbing up and skiing down is clearly the tip of the iceberg for a man on a mission of adventure and carrying a camera. Clark also logged 1000’s of horizontal miles strapped into a 17 year old Land Rover filming by day sleeping on top of it by night and pulling off a personal record unworthy of Guiness the book, but maybe Guiness the beer; recreating in every state in the west in 2010. ” I just live in this tiny valley” Clark says, “When I leave here I want to go somewhere new and see our nation and the world’s landscapes.  I get pretty into it.”

A self professed pioneer and manifester of bum-hood monikers, today Clark resembles a man who has risen from the poor times of being a Climbing Bum (not much stuff), into the vibrant times of Mountain Town Ski Bum (man, what’s up with stuff?) and now surviving as a Film Buff making documentaries as far out as his imagination and partners will allow him to push (stuff happens ; -).

“I feel lucky you know, life has evolved into what it is I really wanted and making it happen with the right friends, people and purpose. Having a day job that lists: “Must Explore” as a duty is pretty ideal” Today, Clark climbs and skis the Himalayas for the pure joy of what may happen, but trains in his home mountains in between edits and when not on location documenting an adventure.  ”Somehow I get to live the best of both worlds.  I love to tell stories, I love living the wildest dreams, love it, but what inspires me?  I think going out and seeing the world from a mountaintop, a riverbed a desert…hey, whatever and whenever you can. There with my friends, that’s where I’d want to be.”