Welcome to Ski The Himalayas

Ski the Himalayas is the landing page for high mountain adventure and the culture that surrounds it. Founded in 2009 by adventurer Ben Clark and filmmaker Jon Miller, this site is for those who want to experience the depth of expeditions in both real time and anytime.  Whether a seasoned veteran of adventure or comfortable in your armchair, our mission is to deliver to you, the most vicarious glimpse into lives lived exploring.

In video or on the blog, the expedition experience of exploring at high altitude is available for all.  There is access to over 130 videos and podcasts on this site.  Each spring there are new expeditions underway. This year Ben will return to ski 23,390′ Baruntse and complete the second half of the route his team attempted in 2009. Jon will be exploring the east face of Everest in Tibet.

Sign up today to explore the high Himalayas with Ben and Jon this spring and feel free to e-mail us with any questions or feedback.  Our method is simple, make the experience accessible. Our dispatches and podcasts are not one way communication, please reply to them if you wish, they are meant to share the experience.  We welcome your participation in the adventure and hope to bring access and understanding to the landscapes we know and the culture we love for many years to come.

It has been a true joy completing the video and blogs for this site, please enjoy this lifetime of adventure and we hope that you will join us for another spring Living the Dream in the world’s greatest mountains.